Whether for a single community or national purchasing department, we can procure all of your necessary salon and spa equipment and furnishings. We work with you if you need a single chair or dryer, are remodeling a salon and spa, or are looking for a large, national purchasing program. Our team helps select the right equipment for your community and residents, provides pricing and organizes shipping and invoicing.


There are endless options available when it comes to salon equipment. However, choosing salon equipment for the senior demographic should be done by an expert to ensure functionality, safety, and comfort for the resident. If you have an equipment list already, we’ll review that list for functionality and quantity assurance and provide feedback based on your level of care and resident count. (Following, in most cases, we’ll also be able to source the equipment at a more affordable rate in addition to making the right selections)

We’ll put together an equipment quote that’s customized for your project. In many cases, you’ll be able to choose from at least a few different options in each category with varying styles and prices of equipment to choose what’s right for your. Our interactive quote process gives you full control of what items you ‘approve’ and access to view full details of each item. In most cases, our quotes will also include equipment that we’ve specifically worked with our manufacturers to modify or completely re-design specifically for the senior demographic.

Procuring salon equipment and furnishings through us is a simple and straight forward process. We’ll ensure that you’re getting the right equipment for your specific project after reviewing the project details. We have equipment at a variety of prices points and almost everything is customizable.

We can create a customized equipment selection and ordering process with an ongoing group purchasing relationship. Even deeper quantity discounts are often offered in addition to creating a custom line specifically for your company with everything from embroidered logos on chairs to standardized finish selections and design details to ensure a set brand standard throughout all of your locations.


Review and Customize

Connect to your project proposal and dashboard to view the interactive quote(s) provided along with other attachments applicable to the project all in one place!

Approve Your Order

After reviewing the proposal, you’ll have the ability to ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ each item. Once your selections are made, simply hit ‘approve quote’ to give us the green light. We’ll take care of all of the order placement details and invoice you directly. No hassle. No surprises. We can even organize installation upon request!


You’ve chosen just the right items from our endless selections, or have customize your own! Whatever you ended up choosing, we’re confident that end result will be a functional, safe, beautiful, and marketable salon and spa. Enjoy!